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Эффект Муркока

Just as ridiculous as Westphall's mind and working on the same linking rules as it (though thankfully not the imaginary product of a young autistic boy living in Baltimore), Super Robot Wars is already a crossover series, with many different canons (Original Generation, Alpha, Compact, etc.), but even the series interlock, as Gilliam Yeager (who debuted in Hero Senki Olympus) from the original SNES/PSX games is hinted to be the same one in the Original Generation games. Shu Shirakawa is an even more interesting case, as his death in ANY canon can set up Part 2 of the Masoukishin game without much in the way of conflict. It just gets weird with Original Generation, which has retconned a rather direct Alpha/MX connection into its PS2 remakes, and Super Robot Wars Z has enough of an impetus now to easily link itself to the Original Generation series. Hell, it's stated somewhat indirectly by Shu himself that the Alpha continuity is an alternate universe in Alpha Gaiden (presumably because Bian Zoldark was taken seriously, as opposed to being screwed over by the politicans in the Original Games and Original Generation.) That might seem quite sane, but the true insanity occurs when you realize that A) the SNES game series The Great Battle has officially become part of the canon as a result of Dark Brain (its Big Bad) showing up in Original Generation; The Great Battle itself being a crossover between Gundam, the Ultra Series and the Kamen Rider multiverse, and B) Namco x Capcom has also become part of the canon with its protagonists appearing in Endless Frontier. Those two facts together are where things get really ugly by proxy:
The Kamen Rider franchise has had this going since the beginning. The Showa-era shows (original through Kamen Rider Black RX) explicitly took place in the same universe, and the previous Riders would often show up near the end of the latest series to help out the current hero. The Heisei shows (Kuuga to present) abandoned this, except for a few rare crossover events. Kamen Rider Decade deliberately says that the Heisei shows all occupy their own separate universe... and then has the first nine (Kuuga to Kamen Rider Kiva) forcibly merged, with Decade forced to travel to alternate versions of said worlds in an attempt to fix everything... and then there's the Decade movie All Riders vs. Great Shocker, which crosses over with the entire Showa-era universe as well. Movie War 2010 also adds Kamen Rider Double to the mix. For extra humor, Kamen Rider Kabuto has a brief in-character cameo by the actor who plays Rider-1 in The Remake Kamen Rider THE FIRST.
Masked Rider, the not well received American adaptation of Black RX was launched with a Poorly Disguised Pilot in a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode; much later, Power Rangers In Space crossed over with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, which makes all three American shows share a Verse. All three are produced by Saban, which wasn't so bad back then, but as of 2009...
...it gets worse: Take the crossovers from the bullet point immediately above, put two plus two with the Kamen Rider and TMNT multiverses seperately etablished by Decade and Turtles Forever respectively *, and toss in both the canonical Samurai Sentai Shinkenger arc of Decade and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash Up for kicks. End result? Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, TMNT and Rayman are all part of the Super Robot Wars canon. And that's not even the entire picture; read on.
Power Rangers itself has gone through this a few times. While the first six seasons were all one storyline and the seventh (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy) was a direct sequel, each one past that has been self-contained. Some make references in their premieres to the concept of Power Rangers already existing, but others have to wait until a late-season crossover with the previous team for those links to be forged. Two notable occasions are when Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue crosses over with Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, retconning the latter from Twenty Minutes Into The Future to the present day; and Power Rangers Dino Thunder's establishing the previously-unlinked Power Rangers Ninja Storm season as part of the universe.
The very nature of Namco x Capcom means that all of Namco and Capcom's franchises are part of Super Robot Wars too. KOS-MOS from Xenosaga also appears in both Namco x Capcom and Endless Frontier.
And thanks to Cross Edge, theoretically everything Nippon Ichi as well. Meaning that, theoretically mind you, with enough cooperation, Sanger Zonvolt might get a chance to cleave Laharl with his Colossal Blade. Theoretically.
And thanks to Capcom's VS. fighting games, we might as well factor in the Marvel Universe, a bunch of unrelated Tatsunoko Production universes (Tatsunoko has yet to fold their shows into a single multiverse), and The King Of Fighters universe.
Going farther, Soul Series characters were involved in Namco X Capcom, connecting such series as Spawn, Star Wars, God Of War and The Legend Of Zelda and Tales Of Symphonia *. Because of Zelda and Super Smash Bros., it ends up also including nearly everything Nintendo, Metal Gear and Sonic The Hedgehog as well, along with any other franchise that crossed over with Mario, including Final Fantasy (and thus, Kingdom Hearts, and well...), Dragon Quest *, Pac-Man, Bomberman, SSX (and Burnout too through the character of DJ Atomika) and the NBA.
And as for those who met up with the Italian plumber, Pac-Man World Rally also adds Katamari Damacy to the mix, whereas Mario And Sonic At The Olympics and the Xbox 360 version of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing together somehow and unexpectedly reconnected Donkey Kong Country and Banjo-Kazooie long after Nintendo sold off Rare through Sonic as well as tossing in many of Sega's cult classics; with Space Channel 5 being part of the latter Sega game, this leads to the Ulala cosplay in Sega's Vocaloid Licensed Game Project Diva, branching to the Miku Hatsune DLC cosplay in Tales Of Graces * and "Kagamiku" in Lucky Star. Meanwhile, Dreammix TV World Fighters brings in Konami and Hudson as well as the entire Transformers multiverse (through Transformers Generation 1) and Beyblade to this little crossover mess...
...and that's before we get to the countless Transformers/GI Joe crossover comics and, even worse, the Transformers comic character Death's Head, who was then unvoluntarily sent to the Doctor Who universe (in the comics only) and then the Marvel Universe, bringing things full circle... except that Who crossed over with not just Blake's Seven as mentionned above, but also Sherlock Holmes and the Cthulhu Mythos in the Doctor Who Expanded Universe novel All-Consuming Fire and... for the sake of Primus, we better stop at Holmes and the Mythos or else this dysfunctional multiverse will be too big for this page. By now, if Super Robot Wars isn't the most dysfunctional multiverse ever, Westphall's mind aside, we don't know what is.

Жили-были Войны Суперроботов. И были они хорошей игрой. Расщепляющейся на ветки с большим количеством кроссоверов и на ветки Оригинального Поколения, где всё своё. Но там есть персонаж, который один и тот же во всех ветках. Иначе говоря, все игры - не отдельные вселенные, а часть большой метавселенной. Но тут начинаются подлянки, ибо помимо "родных" вселенных в SRW есть линк на некую игру на SNES под названием Великая Битва (The Great Battle), которая сочетает в себе Гандам, вселенную-"Ультра" и вселенные Камен Райда. Две последние - про героев в костюмах, бьющихся с монстрами в костюмах. И вселенная игры Namco x Capcom тоже является частью SRW. И всё было бы хорошо, не будь эти небольшие вещи посредниками для еще большего количества кроссоверов. Иначе говоря, в процесс еще добавляются Марвел, DC, Черепашки-мутанты ниндзя, Рейман, Ксеносага, Доктор Кто, Трансформеры и Лига Выдающихся Джентельменов. И еще мифы Ктулху для красоты. Чудесно, правда?

2010-03-13 в 20:04 

Rune [DELETED user]
Ну, Ксеносага даже без всяких извратов со всеми этими кроссоверами кроссоверов является частью SRW благодаря наличию КОС-МОС и Т-ЕЛОС в Endless Frontier, а так да, SRW - это ОООЧЕНЬ масштабно %)

2010-03-13 в 20:29 

Куда-то туда. И как-то так.
Скажем так. Та вселенная, в которой происходит SRW не просто масштабна, она включает в себя вещи, которые не относятся ни к мехе, ни к играм. Например, британские телесериалы.


Наброски чего попало.